We currently operate 4 brands of Cinemas.

Sathyam Cinemas
Sathyam is Chennai’s hottest entertainment destination for people from all walks of life, across a wide age group and user profile. It was the first exhibitor in India to introduce digital projection technology with its brand RDX and the first to convert all of its screens to digital.  It went one step further and introduced digital 3D in RDX and continues to push the boundaries of entertainment technology.  Sathyam Cinemas strives to be at the forefront of media technology and continues to bring new entertainment technology to customers first.

Escape Cinemas
Escape is the city’s first luxury multiplex.  A culmination of style, innovation and passion, Escape is all the city has yearned for, redefining the cinema experience and presenting entertainment in a setting like never before.  Spanning a total area of 40, 000 square feet, Escape includes 8 cinema screens and a private dining lounge in each screen and several other amenities like gaming, browsing area, library lounge and a spa.

thecinema is a multiplex where contemporary fashion meets the new age customer, in a setting that is a style statement on its own – spacious yet minimalistic, simple yet modern, lavish yet tasteful. Thecinema is equipped with facilities and services perfect for the new generation of tech savvy consumers, complete with ticket kiosks, a gaming zone, Wi-Fi and state-of-the-art media technology.

S2 Cinemas
S2 serves as the new symbol of contemporary style and design and is the destination for an incredible yet affordable movie going experience, in a setting that is truly inspirational. The interiors are chic with all screens are equipped with state- of-the-art technology to provide you with an experience that cannot be matched.

For more information please visit www.spicinemas.in or email preetha.r@spicinemas.in